Best Southern Podcasters in 2017

We at Southern Woodworkers would like to share with everyone the talented people who are among us. Below is a list of podcasts and the folks who make them awesome. We encourage everyone to subscribe, share, and leave a rating for your fellow Southerners! Thanks for looking!

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Are You a Maker? Really?

Do you think you’re a Maker?  What do you think makes a Maker?  I can guarantee that whatever your answer, there’s a ton of people that don’t agree.  I struggled with this very question myself, and only recently came to my current conclusion.

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A great way to get to know folks in the community is to do a Maker Swap (#makerswap2017)! All is takes is a handful of people to agree to make something for someone else in the group. What makes this fun is that the person receiving the gift does not know what their gift will be. It’s those moments that are fun to capture on video!

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Welcome from Javi's Wood Shop

Welcome one and all!

I’d like to join Zach in welcoming our fellow Southern Woodworking to this auspicious group!

-Javier Unzueta
Javi’s Wood Shop
Miami, FL (The DEEP South)


Hello everyone! Welcome to the new Southern Woodworkers website! Please bare with us as we work on the website and add additional features. Please take the time to swing by our Facebook Page as well as follow us on Instagram . Thanks for visiting!