Southern Woodworkers


Some of us are fortunate to have designing in our blood, while the others hack their way through. In either case, we all look to each other for inspiration and honest feedback!


Being a creator can be as easy as making something out of nothing. Our group has a vast variety in skill-sets from beginners to seasoned professionals, we welcome all kinds!


Makers not only create but they also inspire. Most of us connect to each other through social media, YouTube, Instagram or locally. Try to connect with someone near you!


The Southern Woodworkers is a community based organization that is dedicated to camaraderie, education, and creating a positive and fun environment for all makers who call the south home.
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Maker’s Swap 2018

Maker's Swap 2018 has officially been kicked off... Maker's Swap is about building something for someone else, anonymously. You will be given a member's information and we encourage you to not let them know you have them. With that information you should do your homework and figure out what that member needs for their shop, would be proud displaying, or just enjoy in general. When you are given a name then you should know that someone else will be given your name and they will be doing their homework on you. During your build process we hope you will brag about your work using the #makerswap2018.

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Welcome to 2018 everybody and welcome back to Meet The Maker.  We are going to make this bigger and better every week this year so everyone buckle up and get ready!  In thinking about how to start up 2018 with a bang, I could not think of a better option than the king of the Gram Fam and the master of the IG story, and photographer extraordinaire Nick Key from Key Woodworks.

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So, I'll be back next week with another "Meet The Maker".   I had intended on taking a week off to spend time with the family for the holiday, but I woke up this morning feeling thankful and I wanted to put it on "paper".  We all have so much to feel thankful for, and of course there are always the things in life that happen that we definitely could have done without.

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If you're headed east on Beach Boulevard in Biloxi, Mississippi and you get past all the bright casino lights of Harrah's and the Beau Rivage, you hit the Biloxi Bay Bridge, and across the bridge is the town of Ocean Springs.

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Down in Lilburn, Georgia there is a basement shop, divided up into a laser room, a room for the CNC, a room for powdercoating, and of course, a room for woodworking, and then out 8x16 shed for metal working.  The space is the home of one of the most diverse and multi-dimensional creators in our community, Mr. Chad Grosklags. 

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MeetTheMaker #dreadknot

So, I was beginning to dread trying to think of which great maker to feature this week for "Meet The Maker", and then I thought to myself...wait...of course..."Dread Knot" (you'll see what I did there) I thought to myself, because I suddenly knew the perfect Southern Woodworker to feature. 

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Meet The Maker #thinblueline

Just outside of Birmingham, Alabama is the city of Hoover.  It's a suburb of the Magic City, and home to not only a man who is a tremendous woodworker and maker, but a defender of our nation, and now defender of his local community. 

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Meet The Maker #grampsguidance

Welcome back for the newest edition of Meet The Maker.  As this feature progresses, just like as we all do in the shop, I try and grow with each article I write and make each one better than the last.

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Meet The Maker – #backsurgeryboredom

In regards to Meet The Maker, I have a couple of brief announcements.

  1. I apologize for the delay.  Hurricane Irma granted us a few house guests and then she hit a downgraded hurricane a day or two later.
  2. We are changing things up a little....Meet The Maker will now be dropping on Sunday afternoons instead of Wednesdays.
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What is a “Lollygag”?

Growing up you were always told "Never talk to Stranger". As time went by you would hear stories of people meeting others on the internet and then never hearing from them again. Now we use an app to get a stranger to come pick us up and take us somewhere.

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