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Some of us are fortunate to have designing in our blood, while the others hack their way through. In either case, we all look to each other for inspiration and honest feedback!


Being a creator can be as easy as making something out of nothing. Our group has a vast variety in skill-sets from beginners to seasoned professionals, we welcome all kinds!


Makers not only create but they also inspire. Most of us connect to each other through social media, YouTube, Instagram or locally. Try to connect with someone near you!


Formed as a group on Facebook, we are a group of Makers and Woodworkers that happen to live in the Southern states of the U.S.A. We also have local get togethers or meetups to connect with folks near them.

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Meet The Maker #thinblueline

Just outside of Birmingham, Alabama is the city of Hoover.  It’s a suburb of the Magic City, and home to not only a man who is a tremendous woodworker and maker, but a defender of our nation, and now defender of his local community. 

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Meet The Maker #grampsguidance

Welcome back for the newest edition of Meet The Maker.  As this feature progresses, just like as we all do in the shop, I try and grow with each article I write and make each one better than the last.

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Meet The Maker – #backsurgeryboredom

In regards to Meet The Maker, I have a couple of brief announcements.

  1. I apologize for the delay.  Hurricane Irma granted us a few house guests and then she hit us…like a downgraded hurricane a day or two later.
  2. We are changing things up a little….Meet The Maker will now be dropping on Sunday afternoons instead of Wednesdays.
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What is a “Lollygag”?

Growing up you were always told “Never talk to Stranger”. As time went by you would hear stories of people meeting others on the internet and then never hearing from them again. Now we use an app to get a stranger to come pick us up and take us somewhere.

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Are Your Tools Holding You Back?

Maybe, but not how you think.

Maple and walnut cutting board made into a brick wall design.

It’s part of the human condition to never be satisfied.  The house could be bigger, the car nicer – you can pretty much name an item and we can come up with something about it that could be better.  Woodworkers and Makers of all types seem to have a mindset of “improvement,” and ingenuity is in our blood.  I bet most of us have a jig or a tool in our shop that we modified to fit our needs.

This natural industriousness is part of who we are as a community.  It’s the source of tons of YouTube videos and is a contributing reason why some YouTubers are more successful than others.  Personally, I’m drawn to YouTubers who are either great teachers or those who come up with new ideas.  New methods, new materials, new jigs, tool modifications – all these things are the result of some innate drive within us to constantly improve.

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Meet The Maker – #duhjigsaw

Welcome to the third installment of Meet The Maker.  This weeks feature is on my good buddy from up in Greensboro, NC, Maggie Murray.  Maggie runs her business Diversified Designs NC.  Working out of her garage in a 10×8 space that’s expandable when needed,  she is churning out some of the best rustic and reclaimed work in the South.

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Meet The Maker – #shouldhavemeasuredthatdoorway

Welcome everyone to the second installment of “Meet the Maker”.  This weeks featured maker is none other than David Molina.  David is originally from New York but has called Hiram, Georgia home for the past 12 years.  David’s shop is a 10X20 building with a 7×10 workable floor space.  His day job is in plumbing and he has over 30 years experience in the trade.

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Meet The Maker #1

First and foremost, welcome to the newest addition to the Southern Woodworkers ever growing realm of awesomeness.  The Meet The Maker feature will be a new weekly feature here in Southern Woodworkers. Each week we will be featuring a member of the community who has exemplified the meaning of being a true maker and deserves some recognition.

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Best Southern Podcasters in 2017

We at Southern Woodworkers would like to share with everyone the talented people who are among us. Below is a list of podcasts and the folks who make them awesome. We encourage everyone to subscribe, share, and leave a rating for your fellow Southerners! Thanks for looking!

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Are You a Maker? Really?

Do you think you’re a Maker?  What do you think makes a Maker?  I can guarantee that whatever your answer, there’s a ton of people that don’t agree.  I struggled with this very question myself, and only recently came to my current conclusion.

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A great way to get to know folks in the community is to do a Maker Swap (#makerswap2017)! All is takes is a handful of people to agree to make something for someone else in the group. What makes this fun is that the person receiving the gift does not know what their gift will be. It’s those moments that are fun to capture on video!

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Welcome from Javi's Wood Shop

Welcome one and all!

I’d like to join Zach in welcoming our fellow Southern Woodworking to this auspicious group!

-Javier Unzueta
Javi’s Wood Shop
Miami, FL (The DEEP South)

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